Welcome, friends! We're back again with another installment of our beginners series, where we are taking a dive into cloth diapering for the not yet initiated. If you're new to the world of cloth, still investigating why you should use cloth diapers, or are on board with using them but just aren't sure where to begin, you're in good company! Everyone's journey begins somewhere, and for most of us, we grew up being diapered with disposables and are just now realizing that a whole new world of cloth diapering exists out there! In fact, at Stout House, we call our system the "modern" cloth diaper, because it is certainly unlike grandma and grandpa's cloth diapering system. Regardless, we're here for you and we are so excited to answer the question: Why should I use cloth diapers? 

Naturally, we highly recommend cloth. Very, very highly in fact. It is single handedly the best method of diapering for a few reasons, all of which we'll quickly highlight below. We're not here to sway you one way or another though. We generally want you to make the absolute best decision for you and your child. And for some, disposables are in fact a great option! They exist and they're used every day. Many of us were diapered with them as children and we're still alive today to talk about it! However, if you have a draw to cloth diapering but aren't quite sure why, we're here for you.

Cloth is Sustainable

The secret is out: The Earth is slowly being devastated by poor choices of humans. Whether it's a large scale issue like air pollution or small scale issues like tossing a wrapper out the window while traveling down the road, we really haven't been great to the place that sustains our life. 

Using cloth diapers is one great way to do a small part to remedy some of the damage. It's one small way to keep our kids' waste out of the landfills. Disposable diapers are just that: Disposable. One and done. Use and toss. That's not only an expensive endeavor, it's also a challenge to creating a more sustainable future. Cloth comes in to help. Cloth, when done well, is a very sustainable source of diapering. And beyond just your own children, your cloth could even be passed along or resold to another child who will use it again, and again, and again. With every soiled cloth diaper, you're guaranteed to keep a diaper out of the landfill. 

Beyond that, there is little fear of supply shortages or hikes in prices on disposables. When you have your cloth, you have it for life. In a sense, you are future-proofing one of the most expensive needs of your child. And we love that about this system. 

Cloth is Affordable

It's true! Cloth is affordable. One Stout House cloth diaper will pay for itself in 54 uses on average. That sounds excessive until you realize the average child will go through up to eight diapers a day. The bottom line? A single cloth diaper can pay for itself in a week, and the rest is only as expensive as your laundry water bill. 

For parents looking for a cost-savvy and beautiful way to diaper their children, there is no better option than cloth diapering. 

Cloth is More Gentle for Baby

At Stout House, we use an AWJ liner that touches baby's skin. It's a cloth liner that wicks away the moisture from the skin. It uses zero chemicals. Absolutely zero. And they are totally and completely compliant with the CPSIA, meaning they are lab tested and proven to be safe for baby. When used with a normal changing cycle, they greatly reduce redness and discomfort for your child compared to a typical disposable system. 

Cloth is Versatile

You can use cloth diapers however you choose! Use them full time, use them only during the day, use them only during the night. Supplement them with disposables however you need to make your life easier! It's totally ok! At Stout House, we'll never shame you for choosing disposables every now and again. Life is tough! And though we do greatly value cloth over disposables, we also totally get that sometimes it's so worth being able to just throw a diaper away and go about your day! Sometimes the cloth diaper laundry piled up a little too high and we need to use disposables. Stuff happens! And that's totally ok! Cloth is for everyone, which means cloth needs to make your life better, not harder or more stressful. Use cloth in whatever way works best for you and you cannot go wrong! 

Cloth is Beautiful

Ok, we said it. We absolutely love (probably a tad too much...) the prints on these diapers. At Stout House, we do everything we can to curate a gorgeous aesthetic that can really make your "fluff butt" shine. We love everything about it. We're hopelessly addicted to the cuteness of these diapers! Ha! 

And if we're all honest, that's ultimately what makes them fun. Cloth diapering can be fun! It's so much cuter than a stuffy disposable and we love every bit of it. 


So why should you use cloth diapers? Well, there are a lot of great reasons that go far beyond what I have outlined here. But ultimately, the decision is in your hand! You can decide if cloth is right for you or not. And regardless of your decision, know that you are an incredible parent and you are absolutely perfect for your child. You were meant to be the exact parent that your little one needs, and every decision you make for that little one will be exactly the right decision. We're here for you, always. Let us know how we can help! Reach out to us anytime! 

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