How Stout House Stands above the rest

When we began our journey into creating a diaper that is for everyone, we put a lot of thought and care into the fit, function, and design of our product. We wanted a diaper that parents were proud to own and little one's would be proud to wear! We focused on creating a fit that was inclusive, a function that made cloth diapering a breeze, and a design that breathed life into age-old tradition. We created Stout House to be different, and we are proud of what we've done. Below, you will read about the thought that went into creating the best diapers on the market. We love our product and we love the family of Stout House customers that has grown from our dream!


We truly, fully believe that cloth should be for everyone. We also truly believe that your diaper should last you as long as possible. This is why we've worked hard with our manufacturer to create a beautiful diaper that fits the widest range of weight and body types possible. Does this mean Stout House will fit every little one, guaranteed? It does not. But we truly believe that we've created the most inclusive and well-rounded diaper on the market! We recommend ordering one of our diapers to check the fit. If you love the fit, we'll be here for your next order!


What's not to love about Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ)? The interior fabric that touches your little one's bum is entirely made of AWJ. AWJ is a material that stays as dry as possible for as long as possible, which creates a better environment for your baby's skin. We know every parent cares deeply about their child's skin, so we've worked hard to create a diaper that cares just as much as you do.

Note: Our newborns are designed to be used in a slightly different way! They do not include AWJ in their lining but rather are able to be reused when only the insert is soiled. Newborns are so snuggly and.... productive in the potty department. So this design alteration makes life a little more simple in that all too short, and yet so long, beginning stage.


Let's have a moment of honesty here- diapers are gross. Poo and pee can be wickedly smelly and all around not fun. So we made it as easy as possible to get a used diaper off and into the diaper pail. With our crossover snaps, you can simply remove the soiled diaper, cross the wings over one another, snap, and toss. It's a piece of cake!


All of our diapers are fully CPSC compliant. The Consumer Product Safety Commission controls children's products and holds them to high standards of safety. We have personally have our diapers laboratory tested yearly to ensure that they are free of all harmful chemicals and components (like lead, flammability, etc.) that could be dangerous to your child. We did this not just because it is a requirement, but because we deeply care. We use our Stout House diapers on our own child, so this is an important step to ensure the safety of our community of Stout House customers, family, and friends!


The tummy panel is an important part of our design. When we began cloth diapering our child, the first issue we ran into was pee soaked shirts! The moisture from the diaper worked its way up the inner lining and leaked right into his shirt. Yuck! So we decided when we created our diapers that we would include a "tummy panel", a strip of the outer layer of the diaper that extends into the inside of the diaper. This stops the moisture from continuing onto your child's shirt. We've never gone back.


The ongoing struggle for cloth diapering parents, especially those new to the world of cloth, is getting the insert into the pocket and straightening it out. This is why we've included an insert snap. When you buy a Stout House diaper, you will immediately ask yourself, "Self, why is that snap in the middle of the diaper turned around?" To which we would reply with probably a bit too much glee, "It's for the insert!"
Our inserts come with a snap that is compatible with that snap! So when you stuff your diaper, you can snap the insert into the diaper to keep it still while you straighten it our and fit it inside the diaper. It's a genius system and we love it! We really hope you do too.


"Hey, who makes that diaper?"
"I can't tell!"
We *love* the design of our diapers. And I do mean love. With every collection that releases, we invest a lot of time into searching through customer submissions of prints and designs to find the perfect aesthetic for each collection that we release. We have not and will not settle for gimmick or ease. We want our diapers to be not only the best product on the market, but also the most gorgeous product on the market. And we certainly don't want to ruin that with a giant tag that says STOUT HOUSE in big, bright colors. Instead, we crafted a simple "house" logo that is hand drawn by our very own Teracyn Stout, and thoughtfully affixed it to the hip of our diapers in black and white. You truly have to search for it to know it's there. We are proud of our product and want to claim it as ours. However, we are far more interested in gorgeous designs that you can put on your kiddo with pride than we are in placing our branding all over it. That is the Stout House difference.


So there you have it! We really want you to know and understand just how much we love our family of customers and their little ones. We have taken so much time to create a timeless product that is gorgeous, functional, safe, and inclusive. We will settle for no less. That is our promise. If ever you have a question about our diapers, you can always reach out to us on facebook, instagram, or email us at We will be there for you every step of the way. Dustin and Teracyn Stout are always typing away at the keyboard to personally answer all of the questions you have, because we deeply care about you and your little ones. The Stout House difference is found in a high quality product, and perhaps more importantly, in the care and love we have for all of the "Stout House parents" who have given us an opportunity to be a part of their home. We're here for you!

With love,
Teracyn and Dustin Stout
Stout House

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