Spring has sprung here in the mountain state. The weather is finally starting to warm up a tad and life is coming back to everything around us. The first “official” calendar day of spring has now come and gone and it’s really hard to not be optimistic. We have a lot of awesome things coming to Stout House this year, all of which we can’t wait to share with you. But while we begin to put some of the pieces together, I can’t help but think about the incredible people who make Stout House what it is. 

At Stout House, we say that we are Built Different. It’s really become a driving force of who we are. And when we say built different, we mean it. No compromises. When you really strip away the identity of us, we are a company not much unlike any other. We have spreadsheets, budgets, accountants, meetings, office staff, policies, procedures, etc. But truly, I don’t think even a single person at Stout House, including Teracyn and me, could rehash what our returns policy is without having to look it up, nor could anyone tell you what our year-to-date profits are off the top of our heads. We don’t have a call center answering our emails and messages; we do that. We don’t have a third party fulfillment center shipping our orders out; we do that as well, so we can make sure everything is sent out with love. 

No, it’s really not because we’re negligent with our business or that we don’t desire to be as cost effective and efficient as humanly possible. In the end, it really is because we are Built Different. We have built Stout House to be different. We want to know who our customers are, and we want them to know who we are. No one at Stout House really cares about policy and procedure all that much. Our goal is to make sure everyone is treated like family, from the staff to the customer. That is why we call our customers “family,” because they genuinely are. We are about people over profits, and it will stay that way.

We are built different. From creating a diaper that is as inclusive as humanly possible, to pricing it in a way that makes it accessible, to creating a community of friends and family who genuinely care for one another, to choosing to value people over profits, we are so proud that Stout House is built different. We are so proud of our values that make us who we are. 

And so, today’s challenge for us, if you’d like to take part, is to figure out how we personally can be built differently. How can we be better for those around us? How can we be better for our kids, for our families, for our friends, and for the strangers we meet along the way? Teracyn and I are constantly trying to figure that out in our life, and we’d love for you to come along on the journey! 

With love,

The Stouts 


  • Amber McEnulty said:

    I am so happy to have found you! I have been looking everywhere for the perfect diaper and you are it! Thank you so much!

    November 13, 2023

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