When we started Stout House, we began with a humble and simple goal. We wanted to create beautiful, accessible products that were eco-friendly, people loving, inclusive, incredibly functional, and available to all. And beyond that, we wanted to forge a new brand- a brand that broke through some of the toxic culture that surrounded cloth diapering at the time.

When we began our cloth journey with our son, Asa, we really struggled to find a community that was genuinely healthy and genuinely uplifting towards other families who were beginning the journey. We set out to change that. Today, we're proud to say that we're continuing to create a brand that has been and is currently shaking the norms of the industry and, most importantly, creating a completely inclusive community that feels more like a family. 

With over 4.4 thousand people involved in our online community, found here, and thousands more involved in our various social avenues, we are working every single day to make this Stout House feel like a Stout "Home." Home is where you know who your people are. Home is where you feel comfortable, safe, loved, and valued. Home is where you know you'll find support, where you know you'll find forgiveness if you mess up. Home is where life happens. 

At the end of the day, we sell cloth diapers, along with many other up and coming companies. And don't get me wrong, we fully and passionately believe that ours are some of, if not THE, best available products out there and we'll defend that notion until you're tired of hearing us talk :) But what sets us apart the most, and what matters the most to us, is the people we are able to connect with, the lives we are able to touch, know, and be involved in, and the people who make Stout House such a beautiful place to be. We've seen new friendships blossom out of this community, we've had the privilege of taking couples photos for some, we've been able to take some of you out for dinner! We've seen beautiful art created for Stout House, we've seen people come side by side to help each other out. In fact, within the last couple weeks, we saw our community raise nearly $2,000 to give to a mama in need, just to make sure she knew she was well loved and appreciated. We've given hundreds of diapers to charities, we've donated thousands of dollars. We're so profoundly involved in the lives of each other, and we couldn't be happier. This community is thriving, and it's so incredibly cool to see. 

So to those Stouties out there who contribute to our community through engagement, "liking," "loving," and being there for your fellow cloth parents, we can't thank you enough. You are certainly some of the best of us. You are what makes Stout House feel like Stout House. You make this Stout House feel like a Stout Home, and a safe haven for so many parents out there. We've always wanted Stout House to be a safe place for parents to exist in and we're so thankful for those who continue to positively contribute to this cause.  

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