At Stout House, we are honored to have a family of customers who care deeply about similar issues as we do. Whether that be environmental impact, or ensuring that every child has a cloth butt option, we know that we're all in this together. It's with this in mind that Stout House proudly takes the following steps to give back to the earth and the people that inhabit it.


Poly Mailers

Our poly mailers have two adhesive strips on them, which create the potential for them to be used twice! We strongly encourage our family of customers to reuse the same poly mailer whether they're returning an item to us or sending hard tack candy to Grandma Shirley! The more use that they get, the less waste that will be generated. And once they are finally all used up, they are easily recyclable.


Our boxes are pure cardboard with no market printing on them, ensuring minimal inks and dyes are used on them.

Carbon Footprint

We also are mindful when packaging and producing our products. We use as little plastic as we possibly can to tag and package our products. And in the rare instances that we do use plastic, we ensure that it is easily recyclable. Furthermore, we strongly attempt to combine multiple orders wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint generated at the "last mile" (the part of our distribution line that includes delivery to your mailbox)


In addition to trying to love the earth, we make it our personal mission to help families. So far, Stout House and its customers have given over one hundred diapers and inserts to a non-profit charity that builds and maintains orphanages in a third world country, ensuring that they have an economically and environmentally sustainable way to diaper the children that need it.

All in all, we're very proud of the community of Stout House that has given back to the earth and to those in need through incredible programs. Stay tuned for more ways to help those in need! We're ramping up for another charitable giving season, and we can't wait for your to be a part of it!
PS If you have a charity in mind who could use a cloth diaper or financial donation, never hesitate to make recommendations at help@stouthousewv.com!

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