You were created to be exactly right for your child

Today's blog post is all about you, mom and dad! We wanted to just give a virtual high five to the moms and dads out there who make it happen daily for their kids. It's not easy, and in fact no one every said it would be. Even still, there you are- kissing boo boos, giving direction, being the northern star for your child in the storm of growing up. You make the impossible look so incredibly possible because you are absolutely the best for your little one.

We're turning boys into men and girls into women and that is undeniably the toughest and most thankless job on the planet. I've only been at it for just shy of two years now, but I so far have received no trophies that say "Best parent EVER!" on them. I mean, I'd honestly just settle for a ribbon at this point. No fuss required, just an acknowledgement that I kept this kid alive and well for one more day! But nevertheless, the journey continues. What a job you're presented with! You're the nurse, the accountant, the seamstress, the counselor, the handy-person, the custodian, the nap time guru, the hair dresser, the stylist, the chef, the nutritionist, the dishwasher, the clothes washer, the taxi (or Uber), the maker, and so much more. There are twenty new jobs to do every single day and you rock them all! You deserve a latte!

But despite the pile of hats that you wear daily to make sure your child(ren) succeed(s), you never quit. You never have and you never will. You're not just a mom. You're not just a dad. You're the mom. You're the dad. You're the one who knows your sweet child more than anyone else on this planet. You're the adult in your child's life. They run to seeking comfort and security, help with problems, and everything in between. You're the only one who can be the best for your child. And my friend, never ever discount and diminish the significance and urgency of this higher calling you've come across.

You are amazing. You are powerful. You are full of life. You are the only one who could be you. You are the big one who is best for your little one.

On behalf of Stout House and the rest of the world, thank you for being exactly who your child needs. You're doing incredible things in the world because you are doing incredible things in your child's world. Press on!

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