1. Environment

  2. Materials

  3. Employees

  4. Facilities

  5. Philanthropy


At Stout House, we aim to help create a better tomorrow for the planet and its people.

  1. We have worked to offset our Carbon Footprint since July 2021 actively. Standing with our customers, we have offset over 352,000 pounds of carbon. Through our partnership with EcoCart, we have actively donated to conservation projects in Northern California and are currently working with Chestnut Mountain in Virginia!

  2. As of Fall 2022, all our waterproof textiles (PUL) are made from recycled plastic. Achieving this has been a massive goal that we are so proud to have made happen!


At Stout House, we insist our manufacturers avoid any material that is dangerous to produce, dangerous for your skin, and dangerous for our planet.

  1. All orders are shipped in compostable or paper-based packaging, ensuring our packaging does not become harmful, no matter where it may end up.

  2. Our products are built and shown to last. A product with a long-lasting life cycle is better for you, your pocket, and the environment. Currently, there are still products we created at the start of our brand in early 2020, used every day!

  3. All of our products meet or exceed CPSC and SGS testing. We take it upon ourselves yearly to have extensive additional third-party testing performed above federal requirements so that we can rest easy and confidently say our products are extraordinary. Passing these tests means we can rest easy knowing they are free of harmful heavy metals, lead, and phthalates and have passed extensive usage and product abuse testing.

  4. We strive to use the best options for our materials. From recycled textiles and natural fibers to certified GOTS organic and OEKO-TEX, we hope to have our entire array of products and their features detailed by the end of 2022 because you deserve to know all the good in the products you are receiving! 


At Stout House we treat our team members as equals who are entitled to the benefits of any successes that we achieve. When Stout House succeeds, we ALL succeed.

  1. As a small family-owned business, we know that we could not do this without the small team supporting us. Every team member is encouraged to contribute their voices, ideas, and opinions to the future and betterment of Stout House and the reusables community.

  2. We view living wages as a human right and compensate our employees accordingly.

  3. We further understand that payment is not the only thing that matters, so we also work to create an incredibly flexible and supportive environment that allows us to meet our team where they are. Whether that is time away for mental health or family care, support in changing tasks or roles as needed, or otherwise, we truly care more about being a family and a team than we do about the traditional success metrics.


At Stout House, we regularly communicate with our global partners to ensure they are working to continually reduce their emissions and utilize regular external audits and certifications.

  1. We invest in regular audits to keep our manufacturers accountable for creating high-quality and safe products.

  2. We frequently communicate to ensure we are working towards the optimal shipping and production options that least impact the environment.


At Stout House we were built on the foundation of affordability and accessibility. Since starting in early 2020, we have strived to keep those two elements in mind with every decision and change. It has challenged us to seek what they truly mean for our family and for the people we seek to serve.

  1. For us, affordability does not mean we offer the absolute lowest prices. Instead, we strive to make our prices as affordable as possible based on their total cost and not just their material cost. We have decided that mandatory factors such as employee support, climate impact, and extensive product quality testing are not negotiable when determining our pricing. 

  2. As the brand that set the benchmark for 65 lb.+ to become today's widely accepted standard OS sizing, we became committed to accessibility in as many forms as possible. We strive to foster an online environment that allows all customers to shop with dignity and independence while being met with the utmost respect. Physically, we continually work to provide products that can meet all our community members' needs. We are constantly striving to grow in this area, so please, if you notice something that needs improvement, reach out to us!

  3. Yearly we donate and support families, mamas, and babies worldwide. By contributing to organizations with incredible desires for cloth accessibility and humanitarian nonprofits, supporting other small businesses, and helping to support our community members who struggle, we work to make the world of cloth diapering and reusables a place for anyone and everyone.