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stunning print, great size bag!

I use the mini-bags to hold snacks for my little one, and we LOVE this print!

Black - Wet Bag
Kelsey D.
Always of the highest quality

I have nothing but positive things to say about Stouthouse. This bag is of high quality and makes on the go cloth diapering easy!


So stinking cute! Good quality, and so many buttons for a great versatile fit!

Trainer Pocket Diaper

Was disappointed with the quality of the stitching as after one wash (not even worn) it was coming unraveled. The company did offer to replace, however, their customer service was slow and I needed diapers so I ended up doing my best to fix it. Overall, I would just get regular pocket diapers and skip these training diapers.

Love them

The designs are super cute and we love that the bottom snaps are a full row because my baby has tiny thighs. I love how speedy the shipping is as well. We’ve had zero issues with leaks since switching to stout house and we also cloth at night (only stating because I know some people use disposable diapers at night).

Great for toddlers

My toddler is tall and skinny and we’ve had zero issues with leaks since we switched to stout house. She loves them and she uses them over night without issues.

Love it

Super easy for my toddler to feel like a big kid by pulling them up and down, but also great in case she doesn’t make it to the bathroom in time. I love that these pockets are open at both ends, to avoid toddler feet going into the pockets, I put my hands through the leg holes and pull her feet through that way.

Perfect Christmas diaper

I was disappointed I missed this in the pre-order, but when it came back I was excited! Very excited to have my daughter wear it for Christmas pics.

This thing is HUGE!

Thoroughly impressed with how much this pail liner can hold. I love the new opening that stays open easily. This helps with airflow and helps the dirties not be get as stinky before wash day. The duckies print is really cute, and now I'm wishing i had gotten it in more styles!

Sturdy bag, beautiful print!

I am very picky when it comes to colors, and once again I am thrilled with how this print looks in person! Rich and deep hughes with a detailed picture. As always the design of these wetbags is unbeatable. We use them as mini diaper bags for when we're running errands and we have many of them!

Great print! Some manufacturing flaws

Overall we really like the trainers, and absolutely love Spiced! However the ends where the snaps connect are not finished properly and have frayed some. Additionally. the openings are "floppy" as they are just made of the AWJ material and not connected to an elastic like their OS diapers are. This makes it tricky to get the insert in just the right place and my child's foot has gone into the openings more than once while trying to get these on. I trust Stout House will make improvements to this design as time goes on! Currently we use our trainers over top of disposables at night to prevent leaks, and they work really well for that.

Cute print!

We are loving these diapers! The print is very much our style, so cute!

New fav!

We love the sizing of this diaper and the print is super cute too!

Cryptid - Wet Bag
Megan H.A.
Can this be any cuter!?

Perfect wet bag. My older son used it to collect halloween candy while trick or treating!

Best diapers out there!

These diapers are the very best! They're cute but fit my chunky baby perfectly. The inside material is so nice, isn't that weird hot material.

Best diapers!

Love the fit and quality of these diapers. Fits both my 4 month old and 3 year old perfectly and comfortably due to the adjustability. Also LOVE the AWJ rather than fleece material like other diapers. Currently getting rid of my stash from other brands slowly so I can stock up on Stout House.

Love the diapers

I love stouthouse diapees

Cutest lil fawn around!

This is one of our favorite diapers!

Lowlands - Newborn Hybrid Cover
Caitlin L.
Beautiful diaper

I love all the pocket diapers I’ve received from Stout House! Currently I’m stocking up for our future baby, but the quality is great and I’m excited to use these some day!

Chicken fluff butt!

I was so excited to pre-order this one as we have backyard hens! It is so cute on my little chicken fluff butt.

My favorite

I love all our stout house diapers! This is easily my favorite priny

So cute

So this was my first order through this company and I have to say I love the way they fit. The designs are what sold me but the way they fit is perfect for my chunky 1 year old. Definitely will order more in the future.

Love the bugs!

I’m a sucker for all the big prints and this one is just so beautiful! Just about have a stack of buggy diapers for a whole day!


Love all their inserts but these doubles are amazing!

So cute

Love this floral that isn’t too feminine! Looks great on my little guys bum.