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What are your delivery times?

When you order an in-stock item, we do our absolute best to have it shipped within 2-3 business days.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated by weight and the cool people who work for USPS. We do our best to keep rates as low as possible for everyone.

Can you provide worldwide shipping?

Yes! As long as your country is available at check out we look forward to sending your package out!

My Order

How can I cancel my order?

Please reach out to or click the chat bubble in the bottom left hand corner of this screen! Please make sure to include the name on your order and order #.

What if I receive the wrong product?

Oh no! That's no fun at all and totally on us! Reach out to or click the chat bubble in the bottom left hand corner of this screen and we will get you squared away as soon as possible!

Do you offer exchanges for faulty items?

Yes! All items have a 30 day warranty from the day they arrive. For more details click HERE

How can I leave a review?

We hope you've had nothing but the best of experiences with our products and team! You will automatically get an email asking for a review of your items approximately 2 weeks after you receive your order. To leave a store review or review products that you purchased before this feature click HERE


How do I return my product?

If you would simply like to return an item within the 30 day timeline, please do so by contacting us through our social medias, or through email at We can only accept unused and unprepared items as non-warranty returns. If your return is accepted, you may return the item(s), along with a note of the return and the order number, to PO Box 3199 Clarksburg WV 26301. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the returner. Once we receive the unused and still packaged items, we will evaluate them and issue a refund to you as soon as possible. For more info on returns click HERE

How do I care for my product?

Basic care instructions can be found on the labels of most of our products. Because washing cloth is different for everyone our advice is just a starting point and may need to be adjusted based on your families particular situation.

What is the middle snap for?

The middle snap on our diapers is compatible with a snap that is on our inserts (sold separately.) The insert, when stuffed inside the pocket diaper, will snap into the diaper, keeping it in place as you straighten it out. It also assists with keeping the insert in place while being worn by the wiggliest of bums!


How do preorders work?

Our preorders are an exciting time! To begin with, we encourage you to be part of our Facebook Group, Stout House Cloth Diapers VIP. In this group, we have a lot of fun suggesting and selecting prints leading up to our preorders! After all prints and products are selected, they will go up for preorder here on Just click "shop" and then go into the preorder collection. We typically do our preorders for each of the four seasons, with orders for the next season taking place in the previous season. So, on average, it will take around three months to have the items produced, arrive in our shop, and ship to you. We additionally recommend that you do not combine preorders with in stock items, as we will only be able to ship the in stock portion with your preorder.

Will the preorder items look identical to the preorder "mock up" photos that are on the product listings?

As you may have noticed, the product listing photos on our "preorder" items are not an actual picture of the product. Rather, it is a digital rendering of the print laid overtop of a mock up template of our diaper designs. Simply, this is because we do not yet have the physical product manufactured and in store. Please know, however, that we do absolutely everything in our power to ensure that the final product looks as close to the mock up as possible.

An item I preordered isn't available, now what?

First off, we are SO SORRY! One of the risks with preorders is that sometimes things go awry. Occasionally, our manufacturer will not fulfill all of the items that we ordered. Our typical rule is to place an order with our manufacturer that is at least twice as many products as were sold for the preorder. This is our best attempt to ensure that we get everything that you bought, and are able to fulfill everything. However, it has happened in the past that some items did not arrive from the manufacturer. If one of your items is not available we will reach out to you via email to determine the best option. Always feel free to reach out if you feel like something may be incorrect or missing in your order, we are here to help!

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