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Delaminated so fast!

I absolutely love this print, and was SO excited for it as a pail liner, but it entirely delaminated only a couple of weeks (and about three normal washes) after arrival. I wanted so desperately to love it, but I had hoped it would hold up the same way the PUL on the diapers and covers does.

Stellar - Pocket Diaper
Jordan H.
Super cute pattern and well made diaper!

Love all of my stout house diapers! I ordered quite a few and this is one of my favorite patterns I got! Very well made and know they will last to potty training and beyond for my boy!

Changing mat

I love the changing mat!

I love this print. And very good quality

Love the style

Beautiful colored

Tend to Hold More

They are perfect for heavy wetters! Seem to hold more!

Bamboo Insert
Heather W.
Cloth Diapering

Not ONLY did they reach out responding quickly! They reassured my interest in cloth diapering doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Quality products with a special personal touch. Top notch customer service!

Cloth Diapering

Love the color and style!

Great travel bag!

I bought this travel bag, since I’m expecting my first child in January. I’ve bought a few diapers for my niece, and absolutely loved the quality. This travel bag has the same quality that I originally loved! The size is much bigger than I expected, which is a bonus. So excited to use this on our family trips in the future!


The colors are beautiful and the quality is amazing. We are fairly new to cloth diapering so we were searching for a brand that worked well for us and our budget. These diapers are beautiful, well-made, and fit our babe great at only ten pounds. SH is a wonderful brand and we can’t wait to add more to our stash. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to start cloth!


I was looking forward to this delivery all week and when it came, it was even better than the pictures! The quality is amazing. The fit works wonders on my 10 lb baby and I’m happy to know it will grow with her age. I only bought a few diapers to decide if we like SH for our girl and we will definitely be ordering more. We love supporting a family business especially of such high quality. 100% recommend!


LOVED this wrapping paper last year because the print is so cute, only complaint is that the paper is too thick for wrapping. It was difficult to bend to make the folds flush for wrapping and I had to use more tape. They definitely should remake this with a thinner paper to get more for your money so you can wrap bigger gifts cause I love this so much! I’d definitely still buy the wrapping paper again though :)

Adorable print

Love this print so much. And the diaper is really well made. Stout House pocket diapers are the best!

Bamboo Insert
Rachel E.
So soft!

These inserts are sooo soft and perfectly absorbent! They have really been working well for us.

Adorable in person!

The print is even prettier in person and the cover is such good quality! Love it.


Interstellar penguins print is too cute. One of my favorite animal ones.

Crushie - Pocket Diaper

Risen - Pocket Diaper

Snap Extenders
Diane B.

Love them!

Cutest Patterns! Great Prices!

I’m new to motherhood, new to cloth diapering and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the cloth diapering community. The interstellar penguin pattern was what made me decide to make and order to begin with! Super cute and once I got it and put it on my sons bottom I couldn’t be happier with it! Love love love this style diapers, thin but breathable and keeps his messes in! I haven’t had any blow outs when using any of the stout house diapers I have and I’m very pleased with that as well!! Can’t wait to add more to my diaper collection :-)


We are still learning how to use preflats so we got two different sizes. The material doesn’t feel itchy or irritating and absorbs very well! We are just working on a good fit. The cover fits well and is very large, perfect for small babies all the way up to toddlers. We’re very happy and recommend others to order Stouthouse products!

Fawn - Pocket Diaper
Andrea F.
Cute print, great fit

I love fawn themed prints and this one is so cute. The fit is great yet will be able to be worn for a long time!

So cute!

Such a cute and simple print that goes with many outfits


I love the simplicity and beauty of these colors so much! The teal is absolutely gorgeous! As always the fit is great and will be able to be worn for a long time

Ento - Pod
Alayna M.
Great quality

I've only tried about 3 different pods but Stout House is the thickest one I have! I love it, only going to get their pods going forward.